3 Fears When Moving in With a Significant Other: When to NOT make the move

January 24, 2010
By Shauna

Lovely dovey with my beau

Making the decision to move in with your significant other can be a scary decision, but it probably shouldn’t be. In fact if you’re having certain fears you should probably re-think your motives. In fact, avoiding this move might just save your relationship.

This post assumes you’re unmarried–because you really should have already addressed these issues before making that move.

Fear 1: Money
Let’s face it, the number one cause of divorce is money. The circumstances are stressful in a co-habitation situation as well. Carrying a financial burden with a significant other requires incredible trust, commitment, and–sometimes–understanding. Chances are your incomes aren’t exactly equal. Tough months can lead to added stress or resentment if you or your beau have a ramen noodles month.

Bottom line: If you’re not completely sure you or your boy/girlfriend are financial ready for this commitment, be patient until you are.

Quit acting like your boyfriend loves Better Homes & Gardens

Fear 2: Social Life
Expectations about your social life changes might go unsaid if you fail to have the conversation. Together time is totally awesome. Making breakfast or having someone to chat with in the middle of the night… But 110% together time will kill your individuality and might get a little boring. You fell for the guy/girl for a reason.

Bottom line: Communicate your expectations and change your plans if they don’t align. Live with your friends instead. It’ll make sleepovers way more exciting.

Fear 3: Home Upkeep
If your beau’s sink is stacked deep in dishes, don’t expect him to go all Peter Palmolive just to make you happy. Or the seat down. Or the TV dusted. Or become Emril the chef. Take a look at reality: Habits are only amplified in greater quantities. If it grossed you out before, think of what it’ll be like when they’re the only dishes you have to eat off of after a long day at work.

Bottom line: Bad habits only become amplified when you’re living together. Know what you can handle before you sign the lease. Talk about the chores you hate and compromise ahead of time.

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  • KeriMaude

    In these times, moving in together may be more of a financially reasonable situation rather than a relationship status chance. It's cheaper to sustain a house when there are more people living in it. All you have to do is find some moving companies and be on your way. You can think about the real status of your relationship when the recession is over.

  • Mere

    Ew, that was good, but much better after marriage!

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