4 Solutions for Extra Sleep Spaces Apartment Guests

March 20, 2010
By Shauna

Smaller spaces can mean limited sleeping arrangements. But when you graduate from college and your best friends sprawl across the country, or you find yourself as the designated driver for a group of friends, you have to find ways to accommodate them when they visit your new digs.

  1. Sleeper Sofa: Most apartments have a living room–some even have offices!  Invest in a sleeper sofa for these rooms. There are now some manufacturer’s who have a standard mattress and an air mattress on top of it for added comfort! They have even found a way to get rid of that awkward bar in the middle. (This is already so much better than the places I remember (or don’t remember) sleeping in college!) I recommend getting upgraded sofa cushions if they are available. This will create years of extra use when the material starts to break down and will prevent you from feeling the frame when sitting on it.
    Some more modern looking sofas have actually invented sleeper sofas that the back folds down similar to a futon. How great is this? It’s even less work to get ready for your guests! Buy some comfy pillows, nice sheets, a quilt and you’re guests will feel right at home.
  2. Trundle Bed: If you do have the luxury of a guest room, consider a trundle bed. A standard trundle pulls out from under the bed and its bumps up right next to it on the floor. This works great for multiple guests–or perhaps couples who really just don’t like each other that much. Because, amusingly, it can be difficult for the person sleeping on the “inside” bed to catapult themselves over the guest sleeping on the “outside” bed, there are now trundle beds that can be propped up to a regular height bed and pulled away from it? Far less amusing, but a little more dignifying for guests. Trundles can be found at a very reasonable price and are a two-for-one.
  3. Bunk Bed: If you’re not a fan of the trundle, consider a bunk bed. This is a great option is you have someone with kids visiting.  If you get one with a double or queen bed on the bottom, this will allow for your adult guests to sleep a little bit more comfortable and an excited child who will get to sleep on the top bunk. An instant way to gain “cool” points with a niece or nephew.
  4. James Bond Murphy BedMurphy Bed: Have no idea what a Murphy bed is? Neither did I, which is why I had to consult the Design Sherpa interior designers. The Murphy bed is perfect for small or multiple use spaces, as it is essentially a bed in a cabinet. Combine with a desk, storage cabinets, entertainment system, and a Murphy bed! My guess is this thing would be a pain to move, but the cool factor isn’t over…

The Murphy Bed: A 007 trick!

The British Secret Service stages Bond’s death by using a spring-loaded Murphy bed that hurls Bond up against a wall at the touch of a button. Enemy machine gunners break in and spray the underside with bullets. The bed features a steel plate that protects 007, but fake blood convinces Hong Kong authorities that gunmen and killed Bond. Source.

Enjoy being able to have your smaller space and still enough room for your guests. Don’t forget to make breakfast!

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