7 Small Ways to Add Class to Your Apartment Entryway

March 19, 2010
By Mike

First impressions speak volumes. This includes your apartment! The entryway of your apartment is the first place your guest sees when they arrive. No matter if it’s family, friends, your boss stopping by, you inevitably make an impression. Here are seven ways to ensure it’s the right impression:

  1. Clutter: Always keep this area picked up! Nothing says “dissolved” like a pile of papers, stack of shoes, or bags thrown about.
  2. Rugs: This is one of the easiest ways to add a complete look to your entryway. Select a nice entrance rug with darker colors so the dirt doesn’t show. Small circular rugs work well here, too!
  3. Seating: Give your guests a place to sit down and take off their coats and shoes when they arrive: The perfect waiting space for new dates or an employer. Seating elements in an entryway depends on the size of your space. If it’s a large open area, try fully upholstered armless chairs – this allows for comfort and flexibility. If the space is smaller and tighter, try a wooden dining chair and add an upholstered seat to soften up the space.
  4. Console: Consoles are a great location for dropping your keys, mail, and other misc. items you may have in your hands when first arriving home. Bonus: No more missing keys when you’re running late! I’m a fan of combination console/hooks.
  5. Artwork and/or Mirrors: Hanging a large picture or mirror over the console can make a grand impression. Make sure the picture or mirror doesn’t hang over the edges of the console – this will make the weight of the room seem uneven and top heavy! I personally prefer the mirror for last minute hair and make-up checks before leaving the house.
  6. Lighting and Foliage: A well-lit entryway can make a big difference. Even though you can’t really install lighting, you can replace boring fixtures with ones that make an impression (just keep the old ones safe for when you move out!). If that’s not an option, try sleek floor lamps instead.
  7. Accessories: An entryway is the perfect place for a vase of flowers or potted plant. You may also want to try a decorative coat rack to avoid guests wading through your closets.

How have you decorated your entryway? What do you think is the most important room in the house for impressing guests?

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